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Monday, 10 October 2011 16:43

President - Marshall Losey--35 votes

Vice President - Brent Deitrich--35 votes

Secretary/Treasurer - Caroline Lawson--35 votes

Directors - 4 Seats, Top 4 Listed are Elected:

Tim Pruitt--30 votes

Lynn Fleming--29 votes

Debbie Emholtz--25 votes

Paula Butler--20 votes

Other Candidates and their votes:

Donna Palmer--17 votes

Jonathan Welker--15 votes

Holly Buroker - 1 vote

Megan Treadway-Carter - 1 vote

Barb Regehr - 1 vote

A total of 35 eligible votes were received. In addition, we received three
votes from members who were ineligible to vote (either because they had not
renewed their dues or joined after the membership deadline for voting), and
two votes from members who did not identify themselves.

We would like to thank outgoing Director Donna Palmer for the time and
energy she has devoted to INBA for many years. Innovations she has
implemented include our PayPal account and the editing and printing of our
INBA brochure. And we would like to welcome new Director Paula Butler to
the Board. Her tenure will begin on October 17, 2011, the day the INBA
Annual Meeting is held in Grand Rapids, Michigan at the American Dairy Goat
Association Convention.

Thank you also to our election committee of Raspberry, Gayle Prentice Wood
and Stephen Wood.

Our percentage of online voting was 55%, paper ballots received comprised 45%.

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