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Written by Brent Deitrich   
Tuesday, 30 March 2010 19:13

brent_33010Welcome to INBA's new website look! When I volunteered to donate a website framework redesign last year from my design company, Live View Studios, I was anticipating it would be completed in a month, but hosting technologies threw a few glitches into the works. However, here we are at last and I hope you enjoy the new look as well as some of the features that I've outlined below that will make the website a much more interactive and user friendly experience, as well as giving our volunteers the ability to update things much quicker.

One of the things you'll notice right away is the more interactive home page, with clearer navigation and more concise 'talking points' - the things that people look for right away when they come to the home page, highlighted in a graphical way.


nubianmenuUnder Nubians, this menu has been redesigned to be more navigable, including the National Champion areas. We'll feature the last National Show in a more prominent way, with the past Nationals neatly archived and also searchable (the whole site is searchable through the search box on every page in the left column.

Under the Nubian menu, you'll find just about everything breed related, including the history, breed standard, and one of the features that I am the most excited about when compared to the previous site functionality - the Find A Breeder page. On the last site, this was a static HTML page that had been used for several years. It did the job, but didn't show you breeders that were nearby you at a quick glance.

The new Find A Breeder is an entire component that allows you to search by radius miles around your location for a breeder that is close to you. If you're not already listed here, and you're an INBA member, we offer a free listing to all our members. You can submit your information using the simple form on the left hand side, and we'll add you as soon as possible.

To use the breeder locator, just enter your street address, town name, or zip code into the search field at the top, set the miles in radius that you want to search by, and you'll be provided with a list of breeders that are close to you. You can always toggle all the breeders that are listed by clicking 'more results' in the bottom left. Snazzy!

The Programs menu has been redesigned to be a bit more archiveable and easily updated. All the old information from the previous site is still here, and can be viewed easily.

The bottom of every page shows you the Latest News, all recent updates to each program, and our rotating member business card advertising in one streamlined container.


The News link at the top of the site will become a constant feed of the newest club related information from officers, chairs, etc - presented in a blog-style format.

We also have the ability to offer a lot more interactivity on this site, which we'll develop even further in the future - like a Members Area, Polls, and much more. I'm sure as time goes along we'll figure out many more things that can be utilized. The good news is we have a solid framework to build it all on for the future, whereas our previous site was just HTML files with no framework or structure underneath it.

As I close this out, I wanted to take a look back at the past INBA websites, from the first design that was put out online to the current site .. we've come a long way!

This was our first site, circa 2003:


These two designs served us between 2003 to the current time:


And our current design:


If you have any questions about interacting with the new design, feel free to contact us.

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